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Mary Ann Harvey 

Hi there , we have had the delight of participating for the last 3 years , but Skip has decided not to bring Schools Out this year . At least 2 of us are very keen if not desperate to participate again. How could we not be ? What are our chances of getting a boat, maybe an S80 , or something bigger ? I have a very experienced sailor navigator to help pull a crew together, with me as helm or crew and Kerry on bow, I’m sure we would find another 2 or 4 or 6 as necessary from SA , or , if that’s too hard then Kerry and I would love to jump in another boat as handy crew, bow, helm if needed .

Lori Tyrell - Team looking for boat

We are the second Mooloolaba Yacht Club team, we are a regular sailing team with an experienced skipper Alex Greu looking for an owners (hopefully of a S80) who would be willing to offer their boat for the regatta. Much appreciated. Lori 

0409 755 509

Colleen Darcey - Team looking for boat

A Tasmanian Team is looking for a boat for the AWKR. Previously raced at the AWKR in a Sydney 38, Archambault 35 & 31. Very experienced crew of approximately 8, but may have other interested crew for the right size boat. Previous winners of AWKR, so keen to race again and join the fun.

0417 121 575

Helen Wilmer - Team looking for boat

Have sailed in regatta for more than 10 years. Last year Sydney 38 Clockwork from Adelaide. Can't bring the boat this year but have experienced crew keen to participate.


Kirsty Hammet 

looking for a berth - learner with a few years experience - handy on headsheet and runaround cockpit. My crew mates love this regatta - I am hoping to find out why :-)

Phone number:



Email address:

Francene Anderson 

Hi, I have been racing keel boats in Darwin for the past 2 years and prior to that had done a few dingy courses. I am in Melbourne for the autumn and winter and I am really keen to race in the AWKR this year if anyone is needing extra crew. I have worked in different areas on the boat- trimming, helping on bow and most recently strings in a cruising/racing yacht. Cheers Francene 0450095521

Jodie- Anne Roberts - Team looking for a boat

Hi! Myself and another sailor from RSAYS are keen to participate this year - I got a catch ride in 2019 and loved it!! We're thinking that, if there's a chance of getting a boat, we may be able to drum up some others from the Squadron, and put together a small crew of people who don't already have a ride! Otherwise, there will be at least two of us looking for crewing positions. I am an experienced bow person, mostly big boats but recently on a well-performed J24. Jenny is a relative newcomer but has also sailed on the same J24, has started to assist me on bow, and is very keen, capable and fit. Both of us would be willing to try whatever position is going just so we have a chance to take part. And we can probably cope if we're on different boats as neither of us are exactly shy. :-) Cheers!

0400 854 532

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