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TopYacht Entry System: Sailor – Password How-To

Entry into the Australian Women’s Keelboat Regatta

Several boats are borrowed or chartered from owners for this event.

It is very important that the “borrower” does not type over the personal details of the owner as this would affect all other events in which the owner is entered.

Instead, the boat owners need to start the entry and nominate the lady skipper via the screen area as below.

To be able to nominate this lady she needs to have a TopYacht profile either as a boat owner or an offshore crew member on any boat.

Some sailors have issues in locating or don’t know their TopYacht password. It is the same password you used for entering your boat into an event OR updating your TopYacht profile for an offshore race.

To retrieve your password …
1. Go to the event page
2. Press the add/update personal profile button.
Then follow the on-screen instructions for “forgotten password”.
3. If you don’t receive a “forgotten password” email, chances are you were using a different email address at the time you registered. In this case, you will need to contact your club admin or [email protected] to reset this information. If you do not have a TopYacht profile …
1. Go to the same screen as above and use the Not registered as a sailor in TopYacht yet? option.
2. Follow the relevant on-screen instructions NOTE: If in any doubt contact Top Yacht via [email protected] to check if you have an account,
as sometimes issues with logging on can be caused by having duplicate profiles!