Is lunch available for purchase?

Lunch orders can be made in advance via the Try Booking event page. Lunch orders consist of a roll only.  There are a variety of roll fillings on offer. ​If you have any dietary requirements, please note them on the form. There may be extra rolls for purchase on the day, but this is not [...]

2022-03-28T12:59:10+11:00March 28th, 2022|

What if I have dietary requirements?

If you have dietary requirements, please make a booking for every event and let the kitchen know in advance that you have dietary requirements. This includes vegetarian, pescatarian (vegetarian who eats fish), vegan, gluten intolerant, nuts etc. The catering staff will do their best to accommodate your needs.

2022-03-28T12:55:23+11:00March 28th, 2022|

Do I need to book for social functions?

Bookings are required for the Crew Dinner on Saturday and Presentation Night on Monday. If you do not book before the required date, there is a good chance you may miss out. However, we will accommodate everyone who books before the deadline. If you are planning to eat at RMYS during any of the other functions (e.g. Lecture [...]

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