Is lunch available for purchase?

Lunch orders can be made in advance via the Try Booking event page. Lunch orders consist of a roll only.  There are a variety of roll fillings on offer. ​If you have any dietary requirements, please note them on the form. There may be extra rolls for purchase on the day, but this is not [...]

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Do I have to pay to hire a boat?

​No. Boat owners from around Port Phillip generously donate their boats to the crews competing in the AWKR. Many teams buy their boat owner a regatta polo top and invite them to the Presentation as a thank you.

2022-03-28T12:53:38+11:00March 28th, 2022|

Do I need to be a member of a yacht club to compete in the AWKR?

Yes. Each competitor must have an Australian Sailing number (or National Organisation number affiliated with World Sailing). There are a variety of great yacht clubs on Port Phillip that you can join. If you don't want to join a club permanently, you can purchase a Day Pass for the regatta from the RMYS office. Normally $20 [...]

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What is the entry fee per person?

The AWKR Committee in conjunction with RMYS believe that a per person entry fee is the fairest way to encourage participation of all size boats. It doesn't penalise the small crews and reward the large ones. $70 entry per person

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