How are the boats split into divisions?

There are currently two divisions at the AWKR. The fleet is split based on Performance Handicap (PHS) which is determined by an unbiased non-RMYS handicapper. Generally speaking the longer boats are in Division 1 and the smaller boats in Division 2.

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Do I have to own a boat to compete?

No. You don't need to own your own boat, but it's great if you do. You can either arrange your own boat, or contact us to help you find one. We rely on generous boat owners donating their boats to competing crews, so whilst we take your preferences into consideration when helping you find a boat, [...]

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Do I have to pay to hire a boat?

​No. Boat owners from around Port Phillip generously donate their boats to the crews competing in the AWKR. Many teams buy their boat owner a regatta polo top and invite them to the Presentation as a thank you.

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Can I bring any type of boat to compete on?

The AWKR is currently a competition for keelboats. All keelboats must reach Category 6 safety standards. A category 6 compliance declaration for the boat must be submitted to the RMYS Sailing Coordinator before race 1 of the regatta. You can download a copy of the category 6 compliance declaration from the RMYS website.

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