FAQs For Boat Owners

What is the AWKR?


The Australian Women’s Keelboat Regatta (AWKR) is Australia’s premier women’s only sailing regatta and has been hosted by Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron since 1990.

Who will I be lending my yacht to?


Teams come from all over Australia and overseas to compete in the AWKR. These teams come from a variety of backgrounds and experience levels and have often competed in dinghies or keelboat or have recently completed learn to sail courses. Boat owners are supplied with a ‘crew resume’ so they have a good idea of the crew experience.

How does insurance work?

We recommend you speak with your insurance company to confirm whether your policy is adequate enough to lend to crew for the AWKR as no two policies are the same.


Can I charge for the use of my yacht?


Unless your yacht is under survey and insured for commercial use, you cannot charge a chartering fee for a team to use the yacht. This would make your recreational insurance invalid, however, we recommend that you speak with your insurance company regarding hiring out your yacht.

Can I collect a damage deposit?


A refundable damage deposit is acceptable, provided it is refunded at the end of the regatta should no damage occur (otherwise it is deemed a charter fee). It is recommended that the damage deposit be the equivalent of your insurance excess and that collection of a damage deposit is discussed with the team before confirming the loan of the yacht.

Will the team train on my yacht before the regatta?


Most interstate teams will arrive on the Monday to Friday before the regatta and generally take the yachts out for training purposes prior to the regatta. Generally, the owner will accompany them to acquaint themselves with the yacht. If you lend your yacht to a local team, they may wish to use the yacht on days when you are not racing, but should be discussed between the owner and the team.

How can I assist during the race?


During the regatta, your boat will be assigned to a Boat Buoy. It is the role of the Boat Buoy to assist your crew in any way possible during the regatta. Some boat owners like to be assigned as a Boat Buoy for their own boat.


The Boat Buoys are also responsible for working with the owner or as the owner to inspect the boats before and after the regatta for any repairs and maintenance issues.